Why is Microsoft so incompetent? Seriously!

I’m not going to rant on too much about this, but I just don’t understand why Microsoft is so crazy-stupid sometimes?  I’m sitting here reading “Windows Presentation Foundation: Unleashed” by Adam Nathan and I’m just continually impressed by the stupidity.  Don’t get me wrong… WPF strikes me as totally awesome, but it’s always the little things with Microsoft.

For example: we’ve just come out with this awesome new OS called Vista with all this “cool” Aero Glass stuff to make your applications look ultra hawt! (In their opinion, at least… I must admit, I actually kind of like the Aero stuff, although I know that’s not a stylish opinion at the moment)  Oh, and we just came out with this ultra-hip new WPF programming model to let you code up rich media applications easier than ever before!  Oh, but no… WPF doesn’t support Aero Glass out of the box… that would be stupid! 

There is a workaround, of course, for all of us .NET programmers who love using PInvoke (for all you non-developers our there or people who have never heard of PInvoke, the population of people who love using PInvoke is currently holding at exactly zero).  And this is a developer view… and you can make a very good argument that Microsoft is so successful because they continue to make their platform the most attractive one to 3rd party developers… you know… the ones who write that accounting package you have to use at work?  And the ones who write that medical records system your doctor uses?  Those guys.

This lack of “polish” is why Apple consistently eats Microsoft’s lunch in any good, reasonable, head to head comparison on straight features and interoperability.  I really get the impression that Apple doesn’t even consider a product done until all the little “why isn’t this done?” questions are cleared up.  Microsoft just releases it and fixes those in a service pack… long after everyone has decided that the product is total crap.

I love Microsoft.  They have put the bread on my table for my entire professional career.  They build the best Operating Systems for businesses, bar none, and pretty damn good ones for consumers.  They’ve overcome a lot of serious security issues over the years and are still easily number one.  But they really just don’t seem to understand that they need to do a better job of making these things work together, across the board.

Wow… that was a way longer rant than I intended.  I’m going to go back to studying this SUPER cool WPF stuff now.  (Support for Ink actually built in to a first class API?  Be still my beating heart!  Tablet PC lives!  (a little, tiny bit))  It just continues to strike me how, with just a LITTLE more effort, Microsoft could completely and totally crush Apple. 

I’ll have to do another post later on all the stuff I think is probably quite awesome about WPF… once I understand it a bit better.  So much to learn!

#1 James on 3.22.2009 at 10:44 PM

You go girl!