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Pictures of the Culprit

I think he’ll get off scott-free, though....

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Mechanical Leprosy: a.k.a. Oh My Goddess, You Killed my Jamis! You Bastards!

Yesterday, the weather was completely reasonable… so I rode my bike to work.  The ride in was nice, if a little damp in places from the still melting snow.  I am sloooow, but since I haven’t really been doing any cardio, I’ve got nobody to blame but myself.  The ride home was also slow...

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Video Games: Mirror's Edge

OK, I'm not a full blown reviewer, but I had to say something about Mirror's Edge. It's really a shame that this game hasn't sold better. This was a great new set of ideas (from E.A. of all companies!) and the game works really well. The running and feeling of a flow is just about perfect... when it...

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Weekly Ride Report: 12/21/2008

Miles This Week: 67.4 Miles Since 8/19: 1295.5 New Bike Miles: 710.1 Well, it's been a while. November and December were both terrible cycling months... between very cold temperatures and lots of precipitation, I didn't get out much. I did have a 14+ mile ride sometime earlier in the month that I forgot...

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Weekly Ride Report: 11/09/2008

Miles This Week: 50 Miles Since 8/19: 1163.6 New Bike Miles: 592.7 Commuted one normal day and a Friday. Fitness Day was a wash w.r.t. biking due to weather, but I did run 3 and lift weights.

Weekly Ride Report: 11/16/2008

Miles This Week: 50 Miles Since 8/19: 1213.6 New Bike Miles: 642.7 I commuted one normal day and Friday this week. Saturday: Ran ~6, rode 6 with the killer hill and then lifted weights. Got some naaaaasty leg cramps after the hill. Bad legs! No biscuit!...

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Weekly Ride Report: 11/02/2008

Jeesh, I'm a little behind and I'm going to have to do this all from memory... yikes! Miles This Week: 37 Miles Since 8/19: 1113.6 New Bike Miles: 542.7 I commuted one day this week, but I don't remember which one. Saturday: Turning Saturday into "fitness day". Ran ~4, rode ~6 with a killer...

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Weekly Ride Report: 10/26/2008

Miles This Week: 77.5 Miles Towards Goal: 1076.6/1000 New Bike Miles: 505.7 Sunday: 0 Monday: 0 Tuesday: 15.5 to work, got my 1,000 miles in during a miserable, overdressed ride. 15.5 home, dressed much more appropriately and got a halfway decent pace going. Not a record, but not bad either. Wednesday...

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Goals: The Agony of Victory

This morning I hit my 1,000 mile goal that I set for myself on 8/19. By my math, that averages to just over 13.5 miles every calendar day... which isn't too shabby, given that there were plenty of days I couldn't or didn't ride. It was a cold ride in this morning and I overdressed... so I managed to...

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Weekly Ride Report: 10/19/2008

Miles This Week: 93 Miles Towards Goal: 999.1/1000 New Bike Miles: 428.2 Sunday: 0 Monday: 15.5 to work, slow and chilly... 41degrees when I started 15.5 home, did OK, but not fast. Tuesday: 15.5, slow. I'm back on the "If I'm not feeling it, just soft-pedal". Another slow 15.5 on the way home...

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